Trying to start ivr from iax trunk

hello im trying to start the ivr from my trixbox from a iax trunk but its not working im only able to ring an exension.

the regular asterisk (outside server)

exten => 2953333,2,Dial(Iax2/4422:[email protected]/777)

on the freepbx side im able to modify the 777 extension to make it go to th ivr but as soon as i make change with freepbx ui my code is flush any hint?

i dont know why the inbound route is not working i have it set to any did and check the ivr option down below



Could you try to clarify what it is that your trying to do? On which server is the ivr (assuming that you have two)? Or is this a did?

Maybe change the context on your IAX trunk to from-trunk.