Trying to setup webrtc phone


I’m following the wiki:
I suppose the default self-signed certificate doesn’t work , should I create anyway a new LE one ?
Is a valid recognized certificate required for use of WEBRTC Phone inside a LAN also ?

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AFAIK you still need a cert from a valid CA in order to get a WebRTC phone to work with UCP, regardless of where you are connecting from.

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A secure TLS cert is required by the browser before it will allow access to the microphone. All modern browsers enforce this.


Anyway I still can’t see any “Enable WebRTC Phone” option into User Management…
there is a wiki note: “If you do not see the WebRTC options you missed a step above.”
Is it because of no certificate installed yet ?
Or some other issue ?

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You should definitely complete all of the required steps before trying to enable it.


Well, LE certificate is installed and imported by Apache now.
I still don’t see any WebRTC icon in UCP or WebRTC settings in User Management neither…
Am I missing something ?
Should I use GUI in HTTPS mode ?

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Is certificate manager aware of the cert? It needs to be aware of the certificate and set as the default.


Yes it is aware, I got it working after a reboot.
And…webrtc icon is not right availabe at ucp dashboard, one have to add it as sidebar widget.
Wiki should be updated a little …

Thank you

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