Trying to setup Polycom VVX 500

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Hey everyone,
Im new to Freepbx and VOIP and im trying to set up my Polycom VVX500. I got the phone working for the most part the main problem im having right now is on the LCD touch screen there is a envelope in the upper left corner of the screen. normally if you were to click this it would dial your VM. I can not get the phone to do this. When i press the button it dials the extinction number (2203) and the phone rings, but i never get the option to get my VM.

If i call *97 i can get it and i programed a button that called Check VM and it works i just have not figured out how to configure the envelope button or any of the other buttons on the LCD screen. I think they are called Enhanced Feature Keys / EFK (i think)

Can some one point me in the right direction.


I have only low-end (non-touch) Polys. But try changing in sip-interop.cfg (or what it’s called on your system)

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Where do i find sip-interop.cfg?

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I think i found it. I went to utilities > back up and restore and then downloaded the file and opend it in notepad++ and added that line of code. but it did not work.


Sorry, I found another change that may be relevant.

This should not be a line to add, but only inserting 3 characters into an existing line.

Likewise, change

Then reboot the phone.

If you still have trouble, check log to see whether the phone is loading the modified config files.