Trying to set outbound caller ID

Hi, I am trying to setup an outbound call ID. I know there is a schooze extension for this but at the moment i dont want the extra features of the commercial CID…

i have set on the outbound CID on the extension as “name” but everytime i make a call i just get the number that was assigned via sipgate instead of the 0844 number i was to use as the outgoing number.

do i need to do anything else or pay for extra service from sipgate etc??


You can change your outgoing phone number (if your SIP provider allows it), but not the actual caller ID that people will receive.

Phone companies look up your “name” in a database that they subscribe to. For my SIP provider, I had to inform them that I wanted my name to be listed in the most popular database. My SIP provider charged me a few dollars and did so, but it is important to understand that not all phone service providers use the same CID database, so T-Mobile might show the name you want ( if you told your SIP provider ) because they use the database that your SIP provider uses, but at&t may use a different CID database, so the name you want to show up will not, only your number.

If you want calls on the sipgate trunk to always show your 0844 number, see .

If you want to set outbound caller ID dynamically, e.g. to show a different number for each extension, or to show the original caller’s number when forwarding to your mobile, I don’t believe sipgate can do that, though you should contact their support to see if it’s possible.

Providers that allow you to straightforwardly send an arbitrary caller ID include Voxbeam and AnveoDirect. Both provide a small credit at signup, so you can test without making a payment or providing any financial information.