Trying to Restore to New VM

Hi all

I have a client with a FreePBX system - Originally the VM was inside a Xen Server which failed. I managed to pull a config backup (.tgz file) from the web interface of FreePBX - The backup size is around 500MB.
Im trying to restore to a freshly loaded FreePBX VM inside HyperV - I go to the Backup/Restore page - upload the config file to restore and then nothing happens it just takes me back to the Restore page.

Rather concerning, am I trying to restore wrong? The version matches the old VM which is now dead.

I tried an image with Acronis and Clonezilla but the VM doesnt boot, I do have an .xva file which I managed to export from Xen server, but I need to get that into HyperV (Somehow).

Any help greatly appreciated.

Ill try that right now!

Thank you.

Invalid backup for or undefined error


What did you try?

Also, are you restoring on the same version of FreePBX?

I imported my Backup from the old FreePBX VM - Yep exactly the same version - have buiklt a fresh FreePBX VM with the same versions of FreePBX as the old one.

Old one was which this one is too.

I simply went to retore, and did as suggested above - ran an initial full backup - transferred the tgz from old backup and hit restore when the above Error occurs.

We’ve done quite a few of these restores and always have to CHMOD the backup file to 777. We also always run a local backup of the new system first so the Default_backup folder is created, and then place the file from which we are restoring there (then CHMOD to 777).


  1. Create new VM.
  2. Update.
  3. Run local backup in new VM.
  4. WinSCP backup file to /var/spool/asterisk/backup/Default_backup
  5. CHMOD backup file to 777
  6. Run local restore, selecting the correct backup file.

Run backup on the new VM, then copy the old backup file with WinSCP to/var/spool/asterisk/backup/your_backup_name run fwconsole reload.

Then go to the GUI and browse to that file and hit restore

Thanks all.

Tried all of your suggestions but it still gives me the same error.

Interestingly, my backup is the above one - which shows nothing to the right but the second backup (the default one for this install) shows the info to the right so Im guessing I have a corrupt backup!

I could cry, but maybe time to redo the whole system which is not very good really and not very reliable!


Sorry I missed it.
What happens when you try to restore that backup?

If I upload the backup file through the web GUI it uploads and then nothing happens I get redirected to the Restore screen, if I SCP the file over to the default backup directory, then go into the GUI and browse in Default location the tgz backup file shows up bit when I click restore I get an error saying error or undefined.

I’m am literally at a loss, I have a 500mb backup file which won’t restore even though it is supposed to

Is the backup module, and framework up to date?

I’ve ran every update I can in the GUI and via yum update.


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