Trying to port voicemails from old backup to new system

New install of CentOS 6.3 (full) with FreePBX2.11 and Asterisk11.2.1.

Now looking to move my voicemails from the backup of my old system (CentOS5.7/FreePBX2.5/Asterisk1.8) to the new.

I did try to restore the backup, but it completed without complaint and without restoring anything. The site is small, so I went ahead with a manual configuration – everything appears to be up and running quite nicely.

Now looking through the backup file (some 43MB in size - one site/one seat, maybe 10-20 messages), I cannot identify any of my custom recorded attendant messages or saved voicemails. There are no files named like msgXX.wav. Quite sure I had selected both a full configuration backup and voicemail backup.

What files should I be looking for in the backup?