Trying to make a certian extension ring differnent when a ring group goes to them

I need to make a an extension in a ring group ring different. The user has has its own extension and is part of a ring group and wants the ring group line to ring different than the other number. How can I do that. They are using a Snom 320 phone.

Put this in the Alert-Info box to set the ringtone to Ringer3 available on the phone itself:

Replace the digit with the index number of whatever default tone you wish.

A quick look at the Snom 320 user’s manual indicates that the 320 does not use the Bellcore coding, but you can use the alert feature to trigger one of the 10 internal ringtone.

I don’t have a Snom here to play with, but i think it goes something like this:

Put some custom text in the alert field of FreePbx… something like ringtone1.

Now open the phone’s configuration page. I believe there’s a section for custom ringtone. You set this to external and then I think there’s a place for the text that will trigger the specific ringtone. You enter the text you entered in the FreePbx alert field (ringtone1). Now you select the ringtone you want to use.

This is my best guess as to how this works, because I don’t use Snom’s. We’re pretty much an Aastra shop.

Make sure you download and print out the snom configuration manual. The process is explained there.

didnt work on the Snom phone, made no change in the ring tone.

If you look midway down the Ring Group configuration page, you’ll see an entry called “Alert Info”. In this box put an entry like this (without the quotation marks).


Where X is a number from 1 to 4.

This sends custom ring info to the phone whenever the particular ring group is hit.

You’ll have to check your phone’s docs to see how to make it respond to the Bellcore alerts. It may respond right out of the box. We use Aastra phones and have implemented this feature extensively.