Trying to amend a user in 'asterisk manager' and there's a bug

Nothing happens when I click Submit, developer console shows

errSecretFormat is not defined

is there anywhere I can manually edit this as I imagine the bug might take a while to be fixed?

Well is there a bug reported in the issue tracker for this problem? Because if there isn’t this bug report it will for sure take a while to be fixed, no one will it exists. I would suggest that if no bug exists in the issue tracker you make a report so someone can address it.

It’s a good tip, Tom, I must admit I’ve got rather disillusioned with the bug tracker, but you’re right, I ought to do it! :slight_smile:

I’m unable to repro this on manager module ver 15.0.15. Can you provide steps to repro? Are there any odd chars in the password you’re using? If so can you share it or PM it to me? If we can’t figure out how to repro, there is low chance of a fix.

edit - this code makes me think that secret can be alpha-numeric only, but I’m still unable to repro this.

Yeah, that code leads me down the same road. I also noticed that there is no error reason/code mapping for errSecretFormat like there are for the other errors. Which explains why the output was just “errSecretFormat” since it calls on a non-existing variable.

I only get the error when changing a password for an existing user, not when adding a new user
v15.0.15, if the module is “Asterisk API”

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