Try next trunk in outbound route if first trunk fails

I’m currently working on our SHAKEN implementation with TransNexus.

The way their system work is we set up a trunk to sip proxies as a first route fir all outbound calls (except emergency). The proxy then forwards the invite to the ClearIP servers where your SHAKEN token is added to header and then sent back with a redirect to the proxy and then the PBX.

The PBX then needs to route the call out through the next trunk route (the actual sip provider) with the added header token intact.

I’ve got a test system set up and their sip proxy installed on a VM. The trunk is registered on my PBX as the first trunk in the list.

The issue is, because this proxy won’t route calls and sends them back as failed, the PBX doesn’t then try the next available trunk.

I assume I need to create a dial plan to handle this situation?

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