Trunks won't re-register unless physical server is rebooted

Have an older FreePBX server here that I’m babying along until upgrade time. Mid last year it started doing something a bit odd, but never have had the time to worry about it (and even now it’s more of a curiosity than anything). This FreePBX instance is sitting as a virtual machine running under VMware ESXi 6.7. For some strange reason if I ever have to reboot the FreePBX VM it comes back up with no issue, all of the phones register with no problems… but the trunks (to two separate providers) simply sit in the “request sent” state pretty much forever and are not able to register (FWIW the extensions are all PJSIP and the trunks are all still running Chan_SIP). I can shut down the VM and still no-go… the only way I’m able to get the trunks to re-register is to physically restart the VMware server itself. Once everything comes back up and the VM restarts the trunks all register instantly with no intervention.

I’m kind of at a loss as to how that’s even possible, but it is 100% reproduceable.

Anyone ever seen (fixed :slight_smile: ) anything like that?


My first try would be to change your trunks to PJ-SIP as well. I don’t have a clue why you’re running into this problem, but Chan-SIP is known for being a jerk when it comes to DNS failures…

I know I had problems changing the trunks to PJSIP wayyy back when I changed the extensions which is why I left them on Chan-SIP but may be time to try again.

It doesn’t “feel” like the usual Chan-SIP hissy-fit because it doesn’t take down all of the extensions.

The part that has me most perplexed is that restarting or shutting down the virtual machine doesn’t clear the issue, only restarting the VMware host does it. As far as Freepbx is concerned off should be off :slight_smile:

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