Trunks wont connect

My FreePBX is up and running, my phones show I am connected (obviously just to the box), yet I get the message “All circuits are busy now” when tring to make a call.
Everything worked fine yesterday and there has been no changes since.
I have rebooted the FreePBX box entered the UN & PW in the root directory and the systems is saying “Firewall service now starting” and it seems to linger there…could this have something to do with it?
I notice within the root directory it is now the 120th time the Trunks have tries to register.

What do you mean by the trunks trying to register in the root directory?

Care to post some logs?

I have entered the command asterisk -r in the root directory and it continues to list trunks trying to register.
Not sure how to access or post logs. I will be back when I find out.

I have discovered that I have a hardware problem and have decided to reinstall FreePBX 15

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