Trunks online

A little easier question with less stress.
I want to upgrade a customer form a hosted pbx but only have experiance installing 4 systems
from your iso, 2 proven to function well and 2 un tested.
The two that ran well supplied-by, only two trunks and serviced two dids.
Audio worked on both hard phone and soft phone as well as a networked win 7 labtop
On a scale of 1-10, voice mail worked at a leval low 2.5…
Both dids worked but i never got MOH to fuction.
no problems with general inbound or outbound calls.

My question?

I have a start up company that is growing fast and can utilize your services.
However, am i capable of this, seems they have 20 plus phones?
And where do you think my major problems will be?

The IT manager asked if there would be a bandwith issue, I thought not.

Whether bandwidth is an issue (or not) will surely depend upon 2 vital factors :

  • How much bandwidth they have ; and
  • How much traffic they’re trying to transfer across the said bandwidth.