Trunks not registering after upgrade from v12 to v13

Hello, I’m hoping somebody can help me out here. I just upgraded my version of FreePBX from v12 to v13. Everything seemed to run OK, but now none of my trunks will register.

The FreePBX dashboard shows every trunk as registered, but they are not. Looking at the Asterisk CLI, I see the following being written repeatedly:

[2016-02-25 12:30:27] NOTICE[2782]: chan_sip.c:15170 sip_reg_timeout: – Registration for ‘[email protected]’ timed out, trying again (Attempt #51)

I see that there is a change to the trunk configuration in v13 and that there is now an incoming tab which contains USER details but all fields are empty except the registration string.

Given that everything was working fine prior to upgrade, can somebody tell me where I should be looking?

Thanks - Anton

Problem solved. Turned out that my issue was with Prosody. This box started out as an AsteriskNOW installation, but had since been upgraded to take advantage of commercial modules.

A custom version of prosody.i686 0:0.9.1-102.shmz65.1.15 was installed as part of this process. Unfortunately, yum could not update this version.

When I discovered that it was the outdated version of Prosody that was causing the problem, I was able to fix the issue quite quickly.

yum erase prosody to remove the outdated version, them yum install prosody to get the new version.

Reboot and all is well.