Trunks load monitoring

How can i monitor trunks load? (simultaneous calls on each trunk)
I need graph for Hour/Day/Week/Month and history data of any day. maybe?
(AKA Concurrent Calls module)

but, some question:

  1. what is “Min # Length”?
  2. why at night in the graph i see “saw” 0-1-0-1- calls?

Do you have any time conditions ?
Because it so seems, they are being serviced by asterisk too and each one is a ‘call’ every minute. The Active Calls statistics on FPBX front page / system status is smart enough to not show them, but seems other such stat pages are not…

(I don’t know what min # length is either…)

Other than that, supposedly the developer might help :wink: (@lgaetz ?)

No, i do not have any time conditions.

Unless there is a specific trunk selected, there is no logic in this module to determine if a call is internal or external, so the '‘minimum number length’ allows the user to filter out internal calls. If if my internal extensions are 4 digits, and external numbers are at 7 or more digits, I could use a minimum number length of 5 or 6 to insure that extension to extension calls are not counted in the graph.

Not sure why you are seeing 0101 calls, best to delve into the Asterisk full log and figure out what is causing them. If I had to guess, I would say you have port 5060 open and those are external hack attempts.

My FreePBX locate in local network only.

I do not see any suspicious calls in Full log

maybe, this module have bug - graph have very strange nonlinear timeline.

One more question:
How can i see graphs for Incoming and Outgoing calls separately?

It can’t be done with Call Statistics, and I don’t know of a way to do it otherwise. Feel free to file a feature request on the dev site, but know the likelihood of it getting attention is low.


As i see, this project is dead (not update after April’2015)?
I have feature requests:

  1. add graphs for Incoming and Outgoing calls separately
  2. linear timeline and rectangular graph line (currently sawtooth)
  3. graphs and stats not only for Trunk, but also for IVR and Queue.

Since it’s a GitHub project, this might be one of those times when you need to roll up your sleeve or hire a 13-year-old. :slight_smile:

You might be able to import your CDR data or connect it to a database, where you can write some custom queries/reports to show what you’re after.