Trunks in use by route and Enum

I have upgrade to the 2.3 Beta 1. Everything appears to be ok. Yesterday I create an enum trunk and assigned it to 4 outbound routes and move enum to route priority 0. If we then go to the edit enum trunk menu it shows that the enum trunk is in use by 2 routes and it should read that is in use by 4 routes. We have tried several things but nothing changes that. If we test making a call enum are not been use by that routes neither.

Thanks for the help.

I have the same problem, but using SIP trunks. I use every trunk in 6 outbound routes, and on the trunk section, it only says that the trunk is in use by 2 routes.

And I can’t make more than one call at the same time.

This problem started when I updated to FreePBX 2.3.0 beta

Before I updated everything worked fine.

The second issue I have found with this upgrade, was that the Reports on the FOP panel, are no longer beeing registered. The last log I have on the reports, is the last call made before the upgrade.

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