Trunks Drop After 6 Minutes

Hi everyone.

I’ve used FreePBX for about three years and Trixbox for a couple of years before that. We have a small office with ten sip extensions and its ran stable as hell for years.

We use a really old Zywall 5, about the last seven years and FreePBX just works, never gives me a headache.

I upgraded our server rack and switches to Gigabit to cut down some bottle necking and decided to swap the Zywall 5 out for a router with Gigabit ports, something a bit newer and something a little faster.

We got a Linksys LRT214 and have it running just fine. All our servers work great, networks nice and fast and we are pulling a little higher on our Infinity service.

Now, when I reboot the FreePBX virtual machine everything runs for 6 minutes then the sky falls in. All my trunks disconnect and the only way to get them back up is to reboot the VM then the same thing happens.

I’ve logged into Asterisk then googled the complaints Asterisk is making and it looks like the router is possibly dropping UDP sessions. There is no way in the router to change anything.

I’ve tried keepalive=yes and adjusted the session registration settings in the GUI. Adjusted NAT on off and tried nat=yes etc in the trunk definitions.

I know it’s the new router, I restored the VM from a snapshot, plugged the Zywall 5 back in and bang the office is running fine.

All my firewall is fine, port forwarding is fine and the media stream is 10000 to 10500 which is reflected in the GUI and the router. In fact I’ve dropped the firewall and even port forwarded everything in the world direct to the FreePBX box.

Is there anything anyone can think of or should I just hide it (at home maybe) and buy another router?

I don’t understand enough about how SIP registers sessions to go deeper into the issue so any help or suggestions you people could make would be well received.

I’ve only had this once before many years ago where the router just would not have it. The Zywall5 has been so good but just a little old now to stay in a production environment.