Trunks do not work out

I have not been set out uns backbone to make calls to my country … Colombia … The backbone is recorded perfectly. configure routes outgoing and not as I can see that trunk is dating the call. as I can not see how this marking …

They know where I can find information or documentation related to the configuration of the dialplan, trunk and outgoing calls.

I am using Centos freepbx

Thanks for the help

I’m afraid that I can’t understand what you’re asking, and so I don’t think that I can help you. I suspect there’s a problem translating your question to English.

You might consider posting your question on the Elastix forums. Elastix is a Distribution that uses FreePBX and Asterisk, and I believe that there are a number of non-English speakers in their forums. You might be able to avoid the translation issues if you can communicate in your primary language.

Generally, whoever is providing your VOIP trunks should be able to provide you with Trunk configuration information.