Trunks created with no dial rules?

I ordered one sipstation line to test before converting all my lines. I noticed that the quick setup module creates two trunks - fpbx-1-xxxxx and fpbx-2-xxxxx. fpbx-1-xxxxx has dial rules with patterns but fpbx-2-xxxxx has no rules. What is the point of fpbx-2-xxxxx?

Looks like you had an error fpbx2 should match fpbx1

Ok thanks. New question - I already had an outbound route and the module created a new outbound route. All my calls can go to the same route (combined sipstation and dahdi) so I assume I can safely delete one?

Outbound Routes are NOT the same as trunks.

What are we talking about here?

Outbound routes. That was a new question.

Yes you can manage it yourself, We advise you to use our setup but you can use your own. The module might recreate it though? I am not sure

I had an outbound route called “Outbound”. In it is my dahdi trunk group g0. Sipstation created sipstation-out with the sipstations trunks. I can’t see any reason to have both routes so I think I can add the sipstation trunks to the “outbound” route and delete route “sipstation-out”.