Trunks come up after restart but after a few minute go down

I have an odd issue where my two trunks come up after a restart but only for a few minutes. In that few minutes I’m able to make outgoing calls. But then they go down and do not come back.


I’ve stopped the firewall in hopes it might be blocking something but the problem persists. I’ve been through the log files but nothing jumps out at me. Would someone be able to point me in the right direction here? I need to know where to look to see why the trunks are down.


Have you checked the asterisk log for error messages? Is your freepbx server directly connected to internet or through a nat device?

My money is on a NAT device, and the router to the Internet is dropping the NAT session.

I have checked the log named full and the only error I find there is related to a digum license. It is behind a Ubiquiti gateway but that wouldn’t explain why it comes up for a few minutes then shutdown again. You say the gateway is dropping the NAT session. I’ll check that.

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