Trunks are showing offline but phones are fully working


I have a freepbx installation ( that was on a virtual machine previously (VHDX). My mainboard bios update crashed and killed the VT-D, rendering my virtual machines inoperable.

I had to convert the VHDX machine into a VHD, and then, VHD to Hard Drive. Once the hard drive installed in a physical machine, I had to tweak the Mac Address in two different files in order to get the machine back up and running with the right IP address so all my phones would reconnect.

Once this was all said and done, the machine worked. Unfortunately, we noticed that numerous personalization were lost somewhere in the process (phone numbers in the phonebook are all gone, for example).

What truly is bad news, is the fact that the Dashboard shows that both my trunks are offline, even if my PBX is working fine.

Adding another trunk causes an issue where the trunk registers with the provider, but fails to activate in the PBX, making any phone call made on our 1866 phone number ring as if there was no service. My service provider was confirmed to be fine as they created the trunk on their end and got it to work.

What can I do to fix my trunks in the dashboard, hoping it will also fix my issue with my second trunk?

From CLI menu, ‘IP trunk’ is not recodnized (someone asked for this info for a similar issue on another thread)

I’m not versed in this type of OS, so please don’t hesitate to provide details in your requests, should you need more info!

Thank you for your help!


You would have been better off simply taking a Windows 10 desktop, enabling the Hyper-V role, and importing the VM.

No idea where you software went south though, because in theory it is all the same.