Trunks are not working after switching from one Hyper-V to another

Hi all,

I have a working system which is working fine as a virtual server in my Hyper-V server. I am in the progress of migrating all the virtual servers to a new one. I exported VM from the old one and imported to my new Hyper-V server. Now my calls are not working.
When I checked ‘sip show registry’ ,

Only one trunk is showing as registered and all others showing as ‘Request Sent’.

I checked the FreePBX System Status from browser and
IP Trunk Registrations showing as 1

Anyone know what should be the issue ? Both the HyperV are under same network environment only (firewall). Since it is a direct migration, all the settings are same… Please help…


Stuck MAC’s in your switch. You have to clear the ARP table.