Trunk with arc of numbers

I have a trunk that in addition to the number with which it logs in also has a series of 100 numbers, in Italian it is called GNR, I don’t know in English …

However I have difficulty in diverting incoming calls using “Inbound Routes” I use the did and indicate the extension but it seems to ignore it … Maybe I have to indicate that I accept anonymous calls or something?

What shows in the From DID column in the CDR for an inbound call?

I’m afraid there are problems with the provider, it’s probably not the PBX’s fault, as soon as I have confirmation I update the post …

As far as I can tell, Gruppo a Numerazione Ridotta, when combined with Selezione Passante, is what the English language, non-VoIP world, would call a DID (direct in dialling) trunk. In the terminology that seems to be adopted by the SIP world, it is a trunk with a collection of DIDs that happen to have consecutive numbers.

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