Trunk Utilization

Does FreePBX have a trunk utilization GUI to manage which channels are being used realtime? I am currently using V2.5.1.2

At the top of the FreePBX screen there is a tab marked “Panel” - this should give you a realtime view of your channel usage.

The Panel, shows activity of all extensions, but does not match the actual usage. What I mean is that it shows that an extension is being used and it is not. As for the channels, it shows ZAP channels (that I think are inbound channels), but we are a 98% outbound, 2% inbound call center. I do not see any outboun channels in the panel. Is there a configuration that I need to make in order to get this view? I have one trunk with 23 channels for local calls and two LD T1’s bound as one trunk for 46 more channels.

It appears that the Flash panel does not show the complete picture. Meaning, I have 63 different channels put it shows only 15. Is there a way to change this?

OK, the size of your installation exceeds the standard capacity of the FOP, so you are seeing “wraparounds”. If you search the web, there is a lot of discussion about how to customize FOP for more channels, but it is not very simple.

You may want to look at the successor (FOP2) - see It isn’t free, but it is inexpensive. The same guy also offers Call Centre Stats which is very simple to set up.

I will take a look.