Trunk to trunk inbound route sequential routing like the outbound route

I did search around but I’m not very clear.
I am trying to use the FreePBX as a SIP-to-SIP SBC where there are multiple PBX SIP trunk terminations on the inside due to channel limitation per PBX trunk device. We can have as many PBX SIP trunk devices as we want though, it just needs to be another trunk. We have the SIP trunk to the cloud SIP ITSP working great with multiple sequential trunks on the outbound route. How do I do that on the inbound route? I want to create an ANY/ANY catch all route, and send it sequentially over multiple internal trunks. I can see the on the inbound route that you can “set destination” to “trunk” and pick one. I want to pick 5. Can this be done?

Set the Context for the incoming trunks to from-internal . Calls will pass through the Outbound Routes logic and a list of trunks can be provided for each router.

Thank you for that information. As someone who’s not familiar with the trunk context settings, could you please expound? You’re saying to simply change the two ITSP trunk context settings to “from-internal”? That will magically send calls to the internal? Will that affect outbound?
How can “a list of trunks can be provided for each router” be configured?

The Context setting for a trunk only affects calls received on that trunk. If set to from-internal, the call is treated as if dialed from an extension. Inbound Routes are ignored and Outbound Routes are processed normally. The selected Outbound Route can specify multiple destination trunks as desired.

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