Trunk stops working after some idle time

Hey guys,

I have a trunk without authentication.
I’m receiving PING Messages from my sip-provider every 60seconds. (They are confirmed by freepbx)
Then after some idle time (I’m trying to figure out if it’s a constant time) I’m no longer receiving ping-messages and a few minutes later I cannot place calls anymore.
After a failed call it takes a moment and I’m receiving PINGs again > and I can place calls.

Do you have any idea what it could be? I already contacted vodafone if they can see a something.

I’m using opnsense and a 1:1 NAT to a dedicated interface with a fixed public IP.

Do you have qualify=yes in your trunk settings?

No it was disabled (pjsip quilfy = 0).
I just changed it now to 60 but why should I change it? If my provider is sending a ping every 60seconds and FreePBX confirms it, so why should I also send OPTIONS every x-seconds?

Anyway, if it helps…

seems to work. Thanks!

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