Trunk setup to accept an inbound registration?

Is there a way I can set up a trunk so that another PBX we have here can register to it? I want to use it kind of like a makeshift gateway device to the other PBX. Unfortunately, the other PBX will only take registrations and not passwordless peers.

I see when you define the trunk you can enter a registration string, but I believe that’s only for outbound registrations. What about inbound registrations like how I am trying to set up?

Why register? Just use IP or FQDN and FreePBX auto sets up the firewall to allow that IP.

I got it to work by just setting up the client as a SIP extension and having it register to that. Seems to be working great. Thanks for the other suggestion though. The problem was this client PBX is proprietary and “unfinished” - it can only handle registration-based connections.

Of course. Set up a pjsip trunk with Registration: Receive. If for some reason you must use chan_sip, leave the register string blank and specify
in the Peer Details.

For most applications, this is not an optimal solution, because caller ID and certain other metadata will not pass through such a connection.

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