Trunk Sequence of Outbound Route Not Working


We have an outbound route set up for our emergency trunks. Individually, the trunks work perfectly fine. However, in our outbound routes, only the trunk set in the secondary slot works. When swapping the primary and secondary sequence, the trunk now in the first slot doesn’t work, and calls still go through the trunk now set as the secondary. I tried removing the secondary trunk completely, and only having the primary, however the test call instantly fails, and the CDR reports show congestion. This is regardless of what trunk is set as the primary, while completely removing a secondary trunk.

So just to make sure I’m reading your setup correctly:

  • You have two trunks (with the same provider?)
  • You have individual Outbound routes that work fine for each trunk
  • You created an emergency route and put both trunks in the Emergency route
  • Now only the second one works, the other gives congestion.

Probably the best thing to do is to post logs of a call going out and see if someone here can fix it.

My only thought would be to check the dial patterns or any extensions_customs entries and see if it is doing something.


As @christrati said, but also please answer:

What country is the PBX in?

Are the emergency routes and/or trunks set to to take actions other than completing the call to emergency services (send an alert to the security guard on duty, patch the call into the front desk, etc.)?

Does your provider have an ‘emergency test’ number that verifies proper transmission of location but does not actually call emergency services? If not, you need to think carefully about how to troubleshoot this without making real emergency calls. After you get it working, you should make a call to emergency services to confirm that everything is properly set up. Before doing that, call your police non-emergency number and ask them when and how to call, to minimize the chance of delaying service to someone with a real emergency.

Let me clarify.

  • We have an individual emergency route for e911 purposes
  • We have two trunks through the same e911 provider
  • We noticed test calls to 933 were going through the secondary trunk.
  • We swapped the order of the primary and secondary trunk, meaning the backup trunk was now the first trunk in the trunk sequence. Test calls now went out through the primary trunk (now the secondary trunk in this scenario).
  • I tested the primary trunk in the emergency route by itself, with no secondary trunk. Test calls showed congestion.
  • I tested the secondary trunk in the emergency route by itself. Test calls showed congestion.

Basically, only the trunk that is second in the trunk sequence is working. It doesn’t matter which trunk is in this slot.

Do you have both 911 and 933 in the dial patterns for that trunk?

How many outbound routes do you have? Can you post the screenshots of the dial patterns? And please unmask some of the trunk sequence picture so we can get a better understanding.


Please post the following:

The ID of your outbound route. You can find it by opening our outbound route and the url should end something like that: ?display=routing&view=form&id=6 So this in this case the ID is 6…

then type

mysql asterisk

And provide the output of:

select * from outbound_route_sequence;


select * from outbound_route_trunks;




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