Trunk Sequence ht-488

I have 2 ht-488
I have truble getting line
i set 2 fxs for phones 200 + 201
I set 2 ext 250 + 251
I set 2 trunk 250 +251

If Trunk Sequence 0 is 250 and Trunk Sequence 1 is 251 then I can get an out line on phone 201 on line 200 I get busy sign

If Trunk Sequence 0 is 251 and Trunk Sequence 1 is 250 then I can get an out line on phone 200 on line 201 I get busy sign

If I set only one 488 I have no out line - I get busy sign

Please help !!!

I’m sorry the mistake.

Hello, there…i need a help from you and i trust that
you will send me a solution
I configured my Grandstream HT-386 ATA as a trunk in my asterisk as follow
Peer details:
the problem is that i can call only the 1st FXS port of the ATA and the
other one can’t be called ever even if the 1st one is busy…i need an option that is like a hunt group.if the 1st busy it redirects the call to another available…
HINT:this ATA ‘s that i use to tie all branches Panasonic PBXs’ extensions
to the VOIP extensions…i use many ATA’s 2 ports and many also of ATA’s 8 ports and each branch will have 2 ATA’s minimum and the total number of branches is 13
and hint that in each branch PBX there are repeated extensions(for analog phones).
so i want to put a prefix for each branch ATAs.
please send me a solution if you can of course…