Trunk reservation

Hi guys !

Setup :

Asterisk 11
PreeBPX 2.11
Digium Addons 2.10

BabyTel SIP Trunks

Digium D40 Phones

So I have 4 trunks (say A, B, C and D)

I want to do the following :

Question 1:

I want trunks A and B to be directed to one IVR.
And trunks C and D to be directed to a different IVR.
What’s the best way to do that?
Should I configure two inbound routes based on the DIDs?
(Trunks’ DIDs?)

Question 2:

This is more tricky I think.
I want the same to be applicable for outbound calls.

So I would like two outbound routes.
Outbound route 1 would use A and B, and the outbound route 2 would use C and D.
However, the criteria would be a dialing rule!
I would like to have some extension to use route 1, and some other to use route 2.
How can I do that with FreePBX please?

Thank you!


I want to download this:

It seems to be called the “Extension Routing Module”

but I can’t find it anywhere on the modules list…

Please let me know how I can add this module!

I still haven’t found a solution for this so I’m bumping my thread in the hope that a kind spirit will help me out!

The first one, as you said, is just different inbound routes. The idea of a “catchall” DID is not a good one; you should have all your inbound DIDs documented in FreePBX.

The second one could be done a couple of ways. If you only have a few endpoints, you can specify the CID that an outbound route rule applies to – it’s the textbox after the “/” in the rule. Then each outbound route could only point to certain trunks.

Or you could use the “free” (as in beer) module in 2.11 to restrict certain extensions to certain outbound routes. I don’t know how well it works, but it sounds like it does what you want. Personally, I’m keeping away from that stuff.

I guess the important question is why you want to do this? It might give people some other ideas about how to help if you detail your desired outcomes.

Thank you so much for your reply.

So for the “INBOUND” part, you confirmed what I thought, thank you.

For the “OUTBOUND” part, the module you’re referring to that would restrict certain extensions to certain outbound routes is very precisely what i need, could you tell me which module is that, and where I can find it please?

Finally, as for the REASON why I want to do this, the goal is simple.
I want to use one FreePBX/ASTERISK server for two very small companies.

Both companies have each two IP trunks and they do NOT want to share (various reasons… for example one does multiple long distance calls, and the other company doesn’t want to pay for it.)

So 2 different IVRs, one for each company.
Two trunks go to one IVR, two other trunks go to a different IVR.

On the outbound side, same story, except that it has to be specific to an extension.
So extensions (phones) A, B and C can only use trunks 1 and 2.
Extensions D, E, F and G can only use trunks 3 and 4.

Hope you understand what I’m trying to do here.

Thank you !

If you’re providing a billable service, I’d recommend looking at A2Billing; once it’s set up, it’s quite easy to provide different account codes for each company.

Anyway, their module is described here:

I’m not using a billable service, however thanks for the recommendation.

This module seems to do exactly what I need, this is awesome!

Thank you so much !!!

Read the page you just linked to. It contains detailed instructions on how to access the module.

It’s free as in beer, not free as in speech. You need to “register” your installation with the commercial entity that developed the module. What that entails, I have no interest in finding out!