Trunk provider, multiple IP addresses

Hi, have a trunk configured with a provider that uses multiple IP addresses which is causing a bit of a headache for my incoming routes. Have searched the forums and from what I can see there are two options:
1.) allow anonymous access on FreePBX and restrict IP access ranges via firewall
2.) create new trunks for all provider IP addresses

Option one is possible but would rather not allow anonymous access at this stage if possible. Option two is not so feasable as they have around 4000 IP addresses (Telappliant).

So I guess my question is whether there is another method other than the above or a way to specify IP ranges to authorize as opposed to individual IP ranges within FreePBX?

Many thanks in advance!


They may have 4000 gateway addresses, I can’t believe they have 4000 switches. Usually the switch that handles the call will reinvite to the gateway. Asterisk trusts the reinvite so you should not have any issues.

If they truly do digest authentication against 4000 gateways I would look for another provider, that is moronic.