Trunk / Outbound route -> CallerID manipulation


Is it possible to manipulate CallerID in Trunk or Outbound route/Incoming route?

Let’s say I have 2 or more trunks. and 3 users (100, 101, 102).
One trunk expect that the callerid will be 98765XXX(XXX - 100, or 101, or 102), and the other trunk expect the caller id will be 12345XXX (XXX - 100, or 101, or 102).

I did an outbound (and inbound) CID on extension - but this is valid for only one trunk :frowning:

Is it possible to do this in FreePBX?


thanks for pointing that out in this thread.

Please be aware that new feature requests are automatically categorized into the currently active milestone. Whether or not the requests listed in that milestone will ultimately be scheduled and done for the current milestone is unknown.

This is simply initially done to keep them visible while we are working on the milestone.

I think this requirement is addressed in Feature Request #4424 which has a milestone for 2.9.

not easily.

If the trunks are used by independent routes, then you could force the issue by setting route cids.

You would have 3 routes for each trunk, one for each extension (using the CallerID field in the dialplattern), and set the caller id at the route level. That is tedious and not what it is meant for but you can do it.

Otherwise you would have to do something custom using he macro-dialout-predial-hook.

OK, thanks for the answer…

Will anytime in the future be avaliable to manipulate callerid on trunk level?