Trunk order in freepbx


I’m back again. So far, everything is going pretty well, but I’m having an annoying problem. With my local telephone company, I have to use them for SIP trunking, I can’t use anyone else because I can’t port the numbers out.

Anyway, in order for them to work, I had to separate the trunks, into an In trunk, and an Out trunk. This was due to authentication. When they were together as one trunk, the inbound side was trying to force authentication, and inbound needs to be unauthenticated, but outbound needs to be authenticated.

The problem I have now, is that sometimes freepbx gets confused, and tries the out trunk for inbound, and then calls fail, because in the trunk listing, out is listed first. I can fix it, by disabling the out trunk, reloading, then re-enabling that trunk, and reloading again. It puts it in the right order then. But if I reload asterisk at a later point, it breaks again until I repeat that process. Is there a way to simply re-order the trunks, without deleting them so that it’s In and then Out instead of Out and In.


Did you link both trunks in the outbound route?

Are you trying to use “type=friend” on your trunks? If one is “only in” and one is “only out”, then one should be a “user” and one should be a “peer”.

Also, your outbound routes control which trunks you use, so if you are sending outbound calls to the inbound trunk, that’s your problem.

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