Trunk Monitoring script wanted

What kind of trunks?
What do you want it to do after failure?
Is this a bounty? Are you willing to pay someone to do this?
Have you googled “asterisk watchdog” or something simular

I want to know when they fail by email. There is a place (Monitor Trunk Failures) in the programming of the trunks to place a monitoring script. I assumed that there was a script floating around that would provide some type of notification. I would also like to be able to run a report that would show when eash SIP device and IAX device has a connection failure for history. I like to look back over time to see if a trunk or a phone has had problems connecting to the system. I haven’t googled that particular phrase. Is this something that I could have written inexpensively??

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Thanks SkyKing, I did look for two days before I asked. I guess I didn’t have the right tag to produce what you did. Once again thank you for your assistance.