Trunk Hunting

OK so basically i’m trying to find a way so that when someone is calling me and the DiD they have called is already in use the call will be forwarded to a different DiD.

if that didn’t make much sense an analogy would be with extensions, if one extension is busy you can set it such that the call will be forwarded to a different extension, inly instead of extensions i wish to do that with DiDs.

i’ve looked all around the web for at least a week and still havent found anything. i was hoping someone out there had made a module that would help me

i’m actually not sure if this is necessary because we were able to successfully route 3 calls through 1 DiD, but because of other issue we weren’t able to test if the calls functioned correctly or not and we are also not sure as to how many calls can go through 1 DiD simultaneously.

if anyone could answer these questions that would be great, thanks!

A DID is just a phone number. DID’s are assigned to trunks. It is the capacity of the trunk that dictates the call path.

For instance a T1 PRI has 23 B channels and can support 23 concurrent calls in or out.