Trunk GSM Gateway calls

Dear Forum

Here I have a solution for passing calls from my GSM Gateway
through a IAX2 Trunk to an external FPBX.

My Setup looks like this :


The GSMGateway acts like a normal SIP Phone (Configured with Extension 400).
So I create an extension for the GSMGateway. All incoming GSM Calls will be
forwarded to this number : 9500 (You can configure this is the GSMGateway).
9 is the prefix of my outgoing route. This route will pass the extension 500
to the IAX2 trunk.

The context of the IAX2 trunk is from-internal (My GSMGateway (400) context
is from-internal).

On the other side FPBX2 will receive my calls and execute a AGI Script.
I add an incoming route with the DID Number 500 and destination is my
AGI Script.
Now I check whats the context name of my incoming route. You will find
the context name in extensions_additional.conf
In the IAX2 Trunk settings I put this context name in the incoming route section.

So whats happen now?

  1. I call my GSMGateway with my Cellphone.
  2. The GSMGateway forward my call to 9500
  3. 9 is my prefix to the IAX2 trunk
  4. this trunk will contact FPBX2
  5. 500 is an incoming number. This will execute my AGI script.

This solution works for me. You can configure everything from the GUI.
I’m very happy with the quality of the call. Average ping between the PBX’es
is around 40ms. As GSMGateway I use a VADcore GoIP device.
Other ideas and criticism are welcome.

Best regards,

Hi Benny
Can you send to me the AGI script and the configuration details? I’m struggling with the setup still no luck. Thanks


Thanks for sharing. I use a Dinstar GSM Gateway but in a much simpler setup. It’s got a SIP trunk to the FreePBX system but the gateway is actually hosted in a data centre because the mobile signal in the office is so bad!

Plz give me AGI script, I am also struggling. plz some one help me.

oriontel LTD

add me also to the list of people looking for detailed help to setup freepbx

remainD…Have you been to the wiki? What did you not find?

so far i am unable to make raspbx pbx system running

remaindD. Well I am sure it can’t be your attention to detail. First you hijacked a thread about GSM gateways, you also posted on the FreePBX site, we don’t make raspbx. Lastly you can’t even be bothered to type a complete sentence, punctuate or capitalize.

Many people have not had any problem getting rasPBX running so I suggest you go to the developers site, slow down and read the documentation.

If you have a FreePBX question I encourage you to start a new thread and always provide as much information as possible.