Trunk from other systems toplay sounds

Hello all, i could not find anything here or with google. (or not the right search words)

Our FreePBX 15 is running fine now but i was asked todo some extra.
First, we have a fire and evacuation alarm
This system can send hard wire contacts or JSon or http like output throung network connection.
The plan is to ring all phone’s if the event is set and a Sip speaker in the main office play System recording.
I already setup intercom in FreePBX and this works, but i need some a connector from the fire/evacuation system to freepbx
The sytem output will be like http://FreePBX_IP:Port/ExtensionCID+AlarmId=3249+time=17-9-2019+21:16:02&info=Fire main building"
(note i can customize the ouput as needed)

Happy newyear 2020

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