Trunk failover for delayed call


We currently have a SIP provider where there is sporadic issues with an up to 30 seconds delay on outgoing calls with silence. When this delay happens it is causing many of our users to assume the call will not go through and they are hanging up before the call can complete. I am working with their support to try to get this resolved, but I was wondering in the meantime if there is any possible way to force a timeout on their PJSIP trunk (maybe 5-10 seconds?) so that it fails over to our backup providers trunk in the event a delay occurs.


There is a dial timeout, but it is not ideal to set it because normal calls can often take more than 10 seconds for the far side to answer.
If you have an SBC you should be able to change the routing based on slow responses etc.

Unfortunately we do not use an SBC, just a standard firewall. Would that dial timeout still apply even if there is no ringing for the entire 30 seconds? Or does that only come into play when the call is initiated and starts ringing?

The timeout applies for the entire attempt, ringing received or not.

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