Trunk dropouts - very frequently + slow to respond to hang up

I have an issue with IP Trunk Registrations dropping out quite frequently. It’ll go green and look good for a while, but then it will drop out for a couple of minutes, and nothing except internal calls will work.

I am using Engin setup as a SIP trunk.

The other issue is, the softphones seem to keep ringing well after I’ve hung up the phone I am using to make my inbound call, & vice~versa.

I have managed to get my system almost working - it occasionally lets me dial out and receive calls, just not quite reliably enough. I know I must be close…I really just don’t know what I should be looking at…

I am running asterisk/freepbx on a VM (Esxi 4), sitting behind smoothwall if that helps.

-I have the Sip Station module loaded have have two trunks/DIDs
-Every couple of days I notice that the trunks will not be registered on the status page and sure enough going to the Sip Station page shows that the trunks are not registered but instead show “Request Sent.”
-This box is sitting behind a Smoothwall; firewall test fails even though I have the PBX configured for “always allowed access” as well as the high ports opened on the incoming side.
-To resolve the issue it seems that I need to reboot both the PBX and the Smoothwall.
-Anyone else have this issue?

OK, maybe no one cares, but I seem to have found the problem or at least a contributing factor.

I decided to check my firewall hardware over as it was a fairly old Duron 850 on a cheapo motherboard. Swollen caps everywhere. Swapped it out and immediately things improved. Internet speed improved between 25-30% and packet loss dropped to less than 3% (from 90!!).

I just fired up asterisk again and got a nice stabel connection for about the last 20 minutes. So maybe this is solved…

Sounds to me like you have massive packet loss at some point in the network.

Run MTR test to your providers gateway and to your phones.

You could also have a problem if the firewall has an ALG for SIP turned on.

Ok, I have done:

mtr and get scary results.

Like a consistent 89-91% packet loss…! That can’t be good…

It initially sat at 0% then just rockets up. A ping -t from my Win7 box to apollo shows no packet loss…

mtr’ing my win7 pc shows 0% loss.

Ok, I assume the trixbox is in the same network as your PC. You either have a bad/loose cable, duplex mismatch (if you are running a managed switch), or a bad NIC in the server.