Trunk distribution

I want to give direct access to some extensions, like direct calling. I mean 9999669 number is a trunk and assigned only extension 1001 to direct inbound, but vice versa ; I don t know how to transfer it outbound for extension 1001 wants to call only this trunk, number 9999669 ?

I thought second outbound route can be defined but this time I am not sure how to connect to new outbound with ext. 1001

Any advice ?

All I found to use extension module, I registered system and reinstalled extension module, rebooted server, but still got this warning in outbound routes ;
extension routes module is installed but not registered

I use freePBX , is it only compatible for FreePBX Dİstro ??


if I use the correct version of freepbx, then question;
how can I register extension route ??

Take a look in the wiki, that is a commercial program you need to purchase.

I checked wiki and other forums that where I can buy it ,but Extension Routing module seems free of charge ?

You still have to “buy” it. Create an account on the portal, register your deployment and then purchase the application for that deployment.

The process is extensively and clearly documented in our wiki.

I already created an account and registered FreePBX and I have a PBX Deployment ID. and when I check the pages I noticed that extension routing feature is free.
So ,thank you for your help but I am not clear about that module is free or not…
So, if I want to use it in FreePBX ,I have to buy FreePBX ?


The module is free, but you have to “buy” it for 0 dollars to obtain the license. Again, the procedure is documented in the wiki, have you looked at it yet?

Basically just add it to your cart and checkout.

Ok , I ll try it, in the first place I could not see…
Thank you.