Trunk Dialing Patterns

I’m having trouble getting a trunk dialing pattern to work. I’ve seen this article I have a link to below and it makes perfect sense to me but I still can’t get this to work.

I’m using POTS lines and an FXO card and it requires that local numbers ONLY be 7 digit dialing and that long distance ALWAYS include the 1 plus 10 digit dialing. I’ve figured out how to make it remove 1813 so that if someone dials a local number with the 1 and the area code it will remove it and work. The way I did this is 1813|NXXXXXX. Here’s what I CAN NOT get to work and what I’ve tried:

813|NXXXXXX: So that if some uses 10 digit dialing on a local number it works.

1+NXXNXXXXXX: So that if someone dials a long distance number with 10 digit dialing it works

I’ve tried these by themselves (aka the only dial pattern listed) thinking they were interacting with each other and still had no success. Any ideas?

you could set up a second trunk with a dial prefix of 1 and then use call routing to pass the appropriate calls to it. i can do it with voip trunks, not sure what the effect of setting up a second trunk will be on a PSTN line though!