Trunk call issues

Hi, I have issue with my outbound calls. I have a pjsip trunk between my freepbx and FXO gateway (TA410). And I am using this trunk for my outbound route. I have not changed any configuration. This has worked. but I do not know why it is not working anymore. Here is the flow of the call when I make an outbound call:
I am getting “all circuits are busy now”. I have tried to configure a new trunk, but I am getting the same error.
Can somebody help me please solving this issue?


Thanks for including the logs. Have there been any changes to your Outbound Routes? As for this call, is it correct that ext 1000 was intentionally trying to call 103?

this is correct. I have setup a lab to test the freepbx. So I have a panasonic pbx that functions as a pstn telephone pbx.
I have meanwhile configured the trunks between the freepbx and fxo gateway again, after resetting the gateways. Now are the inbound and outbound routes working with a good audio. The configuration is same as before. The issue started after a power outage, our UPS had given up also. I do not understand how the issue started after the power outage and that I had to configure the trunk with my fxo gateway and the inbound and outbound routes all over.

I have another issue, that is that we have another location of our company. and there is a trunk also with that location. I have recreated the situation in lab, by configuring a trunk between a freepbx and grandstream pbx. The trunk works. But I have to configure that users on grandstream pbx can call make outbound calls through the trunk. And then via the fxo gateway. That has worked before but it is not working anymore. I do not understand why and how.

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