Trunk between two FreePBX

I have two FreePBX in two locations, FreePBX1 FreePBX2.
FreePBX1 has two trunks:

  • SIP trunk (for DID numbers)to the VoIP provider
  • IAX trunk to PBX2.
    FreePBX2 has a trunk:
  • IAX trunk to PBX1.

FreePBX1 has 5 extensions:

  • Ext.101 with DID number 100 101
  • Ext.102 with DID number 100 102
  • Ext.103 with DID number 100 103
  • Ext.104 with DID number 100 104
  • Ext.105 with DID number 100 105

FreePBX2 has 5 extensions:

  • Ext.201 with DID number 100 106
  • Ext.202 with DID number 100 107
  • Ext.203 with DID number 100 108
  • Ext.204 with DID number 100 109
  • Ext.205 with DID number 100 110

My question is:
How It configures the incoming call is ringing on DID 100 110 ext.205 (FreePBX2)over FreePBX1.
How It configures the outgoing call from FreePBX2 in the public network with the DID number ext.205 100 110.

NOTE: FreePBX1 works great with incoming and outgoing calls and calls between FreePBX1 and FreePBX2.

Thank you.

I know how to do what you want to accomplish, but I have no idea what you mean by DID 100 101, etc.

Set up an outbound route at location 1 for 20X that sends those calls over the IAX Trunk. Set up an inbound route for your DIDs. Direct it to a Ring Group. Ring Group members should be the extensions you want to Ring, i.e. 101, 102, 103, and 201, for example.

Also, some providers, including Callcentric and support Ring Group functionality, so you can have it route calls to both systems at the same time and just set up a direct trunk from each PBX to the provider, with duplicate inbound routes going to ring groups that ring local extensions. Whoever picks up first gets the call, so you’ll want to set the ring time before voicemail longer or disable voicemail altogether at the location you don’t want getting the call.