Trunk Balance Module Issue

@lgaetz I know you worked on the trunk balance module quite a lot. I’ve used this module in the past successfully. I installed the latest version and I’m having an issue. The logs show below…am I missing something simple?

WARNING[22615][C-000003dd] channel.c: No channel type registered for ‘Balancedtrunk’
WARNING[22615][C-000003dd] app_dial.c: Unable to create channel of type ‘Balancedtrunk’ (cause 66 - Channel not implemented)

Using FreePBX 14 and Asterisk 13.22
I saw it worked with 13. So do I need to back down to 13 to get this working or is there a simple fix or something I’m missing.

Do I need to do something with the custom Dial String? Currently it’s set as Balancedtrunk/teal
where teal is the name of my balanced trunk. Possibly tell it it’s a SIP Channel?

I haven’t so much as looked at this module in years. If time permits, I will take a quick look over the weekend, but you may be on your own to get things running.

@lgaetz Forget the last post, I thought I had it working but I was reading the cdrs wrong. Still working on this…I’ll keep working away at this and update if I get it working but if you have time to check it out over the weekend or really just any time that would be great. I’d love to get it working. I’m sure it’s something simple.

I’ll post my full sip log later after I test some more.

@lgaetz I finally got it working. I’m not sure what I was doing wrong earlier but I can confirm it does work on FreePBX 14 with asterisk 13.22.

Those warning messages still show up but everything works the way it’s suppose to. So they can be ignored.

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