Trunk Autoregistration

Hi Team, thank you for accepting me here on forum. I am new on freePBX, I have configured a trunk (Chan_Sip). It registered successfully on our switch, and everything is working fine. But my problem is, every time there is an interruption on server its either on freepbx side or on our switch the trunk does not automatically register again. Any help or some advice would be really appreciated. Thank you in advance!

If new to FreePBX, you should not use the, effectively unsupported, chan_sip driver, you should use chan_pjsip. Also this is a peer support forum, so there is no organised team.

Do you have an unstable IP address? Internet servers are designed run with a fixed address. I don’t think there is any standard way for a router to signal that the public address has changed.

If the address is stable, a temporary outage should not upset an active registration, and if the registration expires, Asterisk should retry, fairly frequently, until it re-registers.

Hi @david55 thank you for your response. Just to add on my post, whenever I changed a detail on the registration. For example, I’ll change the password, I am expecting that the trunk will drop connection and return an error of “forbidden” but there is none, the trunk is still up but the call will not go through. I will need to restart asterisk before it takes effect. I think there is a delay on asterisk response.

I’m not clear what you are doing here. Formally, registration only applies to inbound calls. Until you explicitly unregister, ro the registration times out, you will continue to receive inbound calls. Typical providers will not support authentication on inbound calls.

Outbound calls are authenticated independently of how registrations are authenticated and registration isn’t a protocol requirement for outbound calls. Providers normally use the same authentication for both registration and outbound calls, and some may refuse outbound calls if you are not registered, but those are not SIP requirements.

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