Trunk AUTH one-shot?

Hi gurus,

i was wondering if it’s possible to edit dialplan in

[macro-dialout-trunk-predial-hook] or anywhere else to edit what trunk i want to use.

to be clear ,
with custom variables i can have on my dialplan :
var1 : domain of the trunk
var 2 : user of the trunk
var3 : passwd of the user trunk

i want to launch a “one-shot” call of this trunk instead of the trunk i installed in my freepbx gui

any ideas??

I’m really looking forward to you sharing the end result of your project(s) with the community. It will be a nice way to thank those that have been providing help to your various forum avatars.

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I don’t know what do you mean with “various avatars” but speaking about this wasnt the purpose of this topic

If you want to know more about my school projects, please dm me


Allow me to provide some gentle correction. You are soliciting free help in this forum for your commercial project(s), which is absolutely fine. I ask that you consider sharing the result publicly as a way of thanking those that have provided guidance, and as a resource for others in the future. Years hence, when you’ve moved on to other shiny things, a dm request is worthless.

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@lgaetz You are right,
but thoses aren’t commercial projects they are from a personnal school one.

And yes i’m still a bit newbie into freepbx just because this isn’t the only thing i do, this is an annex part of the thing.
But well, for sure i will help people with what i learned from this forum if i can.

This is normal and kind from you to worry about this, but this topic wasn’t suppose to create a debate around this.

EDIT : And yes the work i did around the webRTC from scratch, gonna be open source.
And to return on the main problem. This custom webRTC should be able to put trunk auth to launch a one-shot trunk call


If someone still looking at this post, i just need to know how to change PEER details (secret or hostname) of the trunk i’m using.

maybe in [macro-dialout-trunk-predial-hook]
I mean, i have a trunk installed with freepbx.
But i want my server to set a different one on the dialplan, with maybe variables calls ?

Hope you have a nice day.

You need a different tool. It can’t be done with asterisk.

May I ask what’s the point of this? Why would you want to use it that way?

Because i wanted to set in my custom webRTC 3 inputs (host,username,secret) to call the trunk dynamically

Still didn’t answer my question. Why would you want to do it this way. What are you trying to accomplish?

We have customers that are making WebRTC calls from our website. By default, when making a WebRTC call, we use our own trunk that we have configured on FreePBX.

We also want to let them use their own Trunk (that they purcharsed on their own) if they don’t want to use our trunk (for cost reason for example). We present our customer with a form where they enter their trunk credential (username/password/domain), and we send these data to our Freepbx server each time they make a call.

Now we need a way to use these variable so we can connect dynamically to the customer’s trunk before making the call. We could manually add our customers’s trunk on the FreePBX GUI and figure out a dialplan to select them according to the customer that is making the call, but we’d like to skip this step and find a way for Asterisk to directly use the variable send with the call

Why did I never have school projects like this? I made a volcano once.


How many customers did your volcano have?

My school was weird, we referred to each other as classmates not customers. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i don’t know what you guys try to achieve by joking around. Feel like stackoverflow trolls or something.

It’s an EIP project for EPITECH school, we have to think that way.

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You can call us trolls if you want but the answer is still that you can’t do it. Maybe stackoverflow would be a good place for you to ask.

All are welcome here. We just like to have fun.

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You have your volcano to have fun with i think.

That wasn’t the purpose of my topic, right ?

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