Trunk and extension do not appear under FreePBX Connections!


I just installed CentOS 5.5 and FreePBX from scratch since when I tried AsterixNow, I was not able to get my LinkSYS PAP2T to register.

Now that I have the latest of everything, it still does not work, and my trunks won’t register either!

So, I have CEntOS 5.5, Asterix and FreePBX 2.8.0

I pretty much know how to setup everything because I had everything working on an old setup with the same trunk and PAP2T box, so it has to be my installation. I use a fix IP adress for the PAP2T ( box and the FreePBX box ( My DNS of the Linux box seems to work find since I can browse the web with Mozilla.

I had to tweak the FreePBX installation instruction since I installed Asterisk using Yum, and I installed version 2.8 instead of 2.8.

On my old system I could see that one trunk was not registering, and one extension was not either under the “FreePBX Connections” section of the status, but now it is complety empty. It seems that I can define them, but FreePBX does not see them, or maybe Asterisk does not seem them!

Any help please…



Please attach your configure file and asterisk cli messasges for help.

I finally reinstalled everything, keeping the same version of asterisk and freepbx as in the instructions and everything works.