Truncate number?


Is it possible to truncate a number as it goes out the trunk?

Example, a local number is 123 4567 - if I call someone who has an IVR where you have to press numbers (eg 1 for sales) - pressing redial to call again will dial 123 45671.

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Yes. If you want ALL 8 digit numbers to have the last digit dropped and sent out your outbound routes you can do it with:

Create a Misc Application set to:


Pointing to a Custom Destination set set to:


sw;dt - should work; didn’t test

Thanks for the response -

I’d need:

Numbers starting [2-9] to be 7 digits
Numbers starting [08] and [05] to be 10 digits
Numbers starting [034679] to be 9 digits

The problem is, the trunk provider returns an invalid number when too many digits are dialed. So when I ring the internet company for example, 0800 299 300, option 2, 2, 4, 2 - when I get cut off (and that happens often!!), when I simply press redial, I get the invalid number tone because “0800 299 300 2242 isn’t a valid number”

I wojld try in your outbound routes as appropriate, local , tollfree i guess , and national :-

The ! at the end will cause the dial to start as soon as it is matched unambiguously

I tried this, but in the web interface it removed the ‘!’ at the end?

that might need a bug report

But do you have any other rute that would otherwise match a number longer tham NXXXXXX’ ? If you do you should find a better method.

Hello @modcar,

You can override your dial options on a trunk to this: D(2W2W4W2). The W is a one second wait and w is a half second wait. Configure an outbound route that will use this trunk. Make sure to allocate it at the top of your outbound rules.

Here is the explanation of this feature:

D([called][:calling[:progress]]): Send the specified DTMF strings *after*
the called party has answered, but before the call gets bridged.  The
<called> DTMF string is sent to the called party, and the <calling> DTMF
string is sent to the calling party.  Both arguments can be used alone.  If
<progress> is specified, its DTMF is sent to the called party immediately
after receiving a PROGRESS message.
See SendDTMF for valid digits.

And here is the explanation for the DTMF digits:

List of digits 0-9,*#,a-d,A-D
to send also w for a half second pause, W for
a one second pause, and f or F for a flash-hook if the channel supports

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