Truncate All CID to Trunk

hi all,

how do i truncate the leading 00 from any incoming CIDs and pass it to the trunk without the 00?


There are couple of ways, and they both involve adding a new inbound context.

The first is to find the ā€œe184ā€ context in the /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf file. The name is ā€˜something-e184-somethingelseā€™, but I donā€™t have access to the file from here, so I canā€™t give you the exact name.

The other way is to write a new inbound context that does exactly what you want. You can find several recipes if you search for ā€œstrip +1 inboundā€ in the forum,

Once you decide on your implementation path, you add the new context into extensions_custom.conf and point the inbound trunks to that context so that the stripping can commence.

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