Troubleshooting SIP Registration (Alerts, Recovery, Etc)

Hi all,

I am using FreePBX 14 Stable with Asterisk 13.17.2. We use for DIDs.

We just realized that we were not receiving calls all morning. Outgoing still worked as it doesn’t require registration. I did not see any incoming calls on the FreePBX CDR, but did see them on the CDR.

When I checked registration status, it says NOT REGISTERED.

I went to the trunk entry in FreePBX, and edited the entry, changed nothing, and clicked Submit / Apply Config, and it came back online.

How do I go through logs to find what failed and why? When I look at the Asterisk history graph on the dashboard, I see no time where there is no trunk online.

How often does FreePBX or Asterisk register with the trunk?

How do I setup an e-mail alert when the registration is not online? Does it automatically retry? I guess what I am wondering is why did “refreshing” the config bring it back up?

It’s previously been up for a couple months.

Someone just posted the answer to all of these questions a few weeks ago. Trying searching through the forums for “not registered” and see what you can find. There is a script that runs to check on the registration status and reloads the config to reset the line when it unregisters.

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