Troubleshooting HTTP provisioning - Freepbx Distro

Hello I use the Freepbx Distro (fully updated modules as well as core). I use http provisioning (on a unique port), and I am having problems with getting the Aastra 6731i provisioned. I use the commercial endpoint manager and have everything else set. I perform the exact same type provisioning with Grandstream GXP2160’s, and various Yealink’s with no problems.

Where does one go to troubleshoot this? I have checked my fail2ban no problems there. Is there a log that is being populated with this type of info? I have gone to /var/logs/httpd and that log does not help or at least I don’t find any attempts from the ip address of the remote aastra phone.

Ok I actually got it to work. I had to take the IP address of the where the remote phone was and add it to the trusted network zone. I have never had to do this before. Any ideas?

Sorry, BTW the firewall that is being used is the freepbx distro firewall.

you always have to add the remote ip addresses to the firewall for provisioning to work, does not matter if it is ftp, tftp or http

Ok thanks so much for the info. Now that I think about it all of the other phones for this server was at the office which yes that up address is in the trusted zone of the freepbx firewall. This was the first provisioning performed onsite.